How it works.

  • Members wishing to have their property listed on The Quechee Club’s website will be required to submit a CQP form via email, fax or in person to The Club. Once received, we will contact you to set up a certification screening.This will include compliance with a furnishings check-list and a visual inspection showing us the property has an up-to-date look and is properly maintained. Once approved, the property will be listed on our website, optimized for search engines and included in our monthly blast to individuals requesting rental information via our website. 

  • When The Quechee Club is contacted through a renter - we will work with the property manager of their selected property to finalize the dates of renter occupancy and total renter experience.

  • Once the property is reserved, our Club Concierge will contact the renter guest to introduce them to The Quechee Club. An informational packet will be sent that will assist them in planning their stay, and will follow up with them prior to their visit.

  • CQP participants will receive temporary membership privileges. Accounts, to the renter for the length of their stay. To obtain the full benefits of membership, the renter guest will provide a credit card at check-in for their house account. The credit card on file will be charged upon their departure and check-out.

  • Our Member Services department will follow up with the renter after their visit to determine ways of improving the experience for the future. Any property related issues will be forwarded to the Property Manager


Member Amenity Transfer Program

QLLA property owners may now transfer the rights of their elected and paid amenity package to their renter guest for the designated lease period (not to exceed one year). There are no restrictions on how often a QLLA owner can rent their property during the year, but a separate administration fee must be paid in advance to QLLA for each rental. The charges may be billed to the renter by the member or agent, and The Club will bill the member or agent, designated on the Transfer Agreement.

An amenity administration fee of $900.00 will be billed for each of the following amenity packages per lease agreement (not to exceed one year). 

  • Standard Amenity Package - includes use of all Club amenities with the exception of Golf  and Ski for the renter, spouse, and unmarried children under 23.

  • Single or Family Golf Amenity Package - also includes Standard Amenity Package

  • Single or Family Ski Amenity Package - also includes Standard Amenity Package.

The member amenity transfer fee will be billed to the renter guest, member or agent as designated on the transfer agreement.

Member-Agent Responsibilities

  • To participate in the CQP,  Members must be in good standing. 

  • Member must have selected and fully paid for the amenity package that they intend to make available to the Renter Guest.Additional Upgrades to Amenity Packages are Available. Contact The Club for details.

  • The Agent must notify The Club with Renter Guest arrival information,so we may arrange a Meet & Greet.

  • Amenity Administration fees will be billed directly to the Member, Agent or Renter listed on the CQP form.

  • During the lease period, the Member and Co-Member will relinquish member amenity privileges.

  • They will be able to access Club amenities as a Guest of another Member and will pay the appropriate Guest daily use fee.

Can a Renter upgrade their Amenity Package?
YES. Amenity Transfers may only take place for amenity packages currently held by the Member at the time of the rental. 
For Renter additions to the Member Amenity Package, the renter must contact The Club.

Can Members Purchase Food Vouchers to Issue their Renters?
YES. A member may pre-pay their food minimums in exchange for Quechee cards in the denomination of their choice. The member may issue these cards to their renters at their discretion, with the understanding that vouchers may only be used for food or non-alcoholic beverages.
The following Food Minimum rules apply:
          • The members must pre-pay the food minimum.
          • This service is only available inside of the rental program, no exceptions. 
          • The Quechee Cards that will be issued have no cash value, and we do not give cash or change. The balance will be kept on the card 
             and tracked accordingly. 
         • The card will be set for expiration. The expiration date is equal to the date the members food minimum needs to be fulfilled by. 

Does a Property have to be CQP Certified to participate in the Member Amenity Transfer?