Friends of the Quechee Covered Bridge

Dear Friends of Quechee Covered Bridge,

As most of you know, a group of Quechee residents began an effort last year to beautify the areas adjacent to the covered bridge through enhanced landscaping.  With the support of many friends and neighbors and several significant donations, we raised close to $50,000 in 2017.  Approximately one-half of last year’s budget was spent on site clearing and preparation work.  After the prep work and plantings, we exited the year with approximately $15,000 in reserve.
As we move into 2018, we have retained Susan Howard, a highly-respected garden designer and owner of Pyrus Horticultural, Inc. of E. Thetford, VT, to redefine the embankment garden and advise on the installation and maintenance work to follow.  Our goal is to use long lasting and high impact plantings that require as little maintenance as possible in the years ahead.
Susan has also introduced us to Pamelia Smith, professor and former chair of the Landscape Design department at Vermont Technical College.  She has offered to organize a class project at Vermont Tech to develop a multi-year landscaping plan for all areas adjacent to the bridge (municipal and private land).  The students will gather historical information, research applicable laws and regulations (ADA, waterfront access, safety, etc.) and develop a base plan at no cost to us.  We’ve obtained the 2015 conceptual plans for the proposed improvements to the parking area near the bridge from the Town of Hartford and those will be included in the long-term plan.  Town managers continue to be extremely helpful and supportive of our efforts.  We’re told this will be a very valuable educational pursuit for the students and Town managers have offered their assistance.
Peter Merrigan, the founder and CEO of Taurus, the developer of Quechee Lakes, has agreed for his firm to be a major donor to this year’s effort as they were in 2017.  It would not be possible to launch this effort without their contribution or without the backing of the Quechee Garden Club which has also pledged continuing support.
We once again need your help.  Our goal is to raise at least $25,000 this year to continue the project and to plan for future work.  The more we raise, the more we can accomplish.  We hope you will support us as generously as last year.  
The Town of Hartford will act as fiscal agent for the effort as it did in 2017, saving us the time and costs associated with establishing and maintaining a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  Parks & Recreation staff members collect and segregate contributions in a separate account and disburse payments as approved services are completed.  If you include your return address, they will issue a confirmation of your donation which should substantiate eligibility for a tax-deductible contribution.  Of course, your own tax circumstances will determine if the amount is fully deductible.
Whatever amount you choose to contribute will be much appreciated and will go toward helping to continue and expand this important community beautification work.  Please make your check out to:
             Hartford Parks and Recreation Department
             171 Bridge Street
             White River Junction, VT 05001
Every contribution helps. Many have given $100, $250, $500, $1,000 and more.  Donations of any amount are welcome.
We thank you for your consideration and continued support. We also ask that you share this note with friends that you may feel have interest in donating to the project.  If you have any questions or comments, please email them to

Think spring!
Liz & Dave Duval                                 
Phyllis & Michael Shankman              
Gayle & Bruce Barrington                   
Myrna & Dick Brooks                          
Laurie & Brian Conroy
Derek Cosentino   
Kathy & Tom Hickey
Jay & Jim Lavoie                              
Tammy & Chris Nadeau                      
Cori & Rick Packer                                                                              
Diane Ames & Terry Russell                                                   
Janet & Chuck Thibeault   
Penny & Ted York