Life Transitions: Tax Assessment/Abatement and Valuation

Tax Assessment / Abatement and Valuation
Presented by F.X. Flinn

Thursday, June 14
4:30-6:00pm at The Quechee Club

Refreshments begin at 4:00pm
This is a complimentary event. Register at (802) 295-9356

F.X. Flinn will provide a briefing on the property tax assessment process with a special focus on both formal and informal appeals processes and how Quechee Lakes properties have been dealt with over the last decade. Audience members should expect to learn what key items in their property description drive valuation, why “market value” sometimes means sales price and sometimes means replacement cost, and why knowing the state-controlled decisions about which sales are considered valid is essential before challenging market value determinations with local assessors.

This is a complimentary event. Register at (802) 295-9356