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Friends of the Quechee Covered Bridge

As many of you know, a group of Quechee residents has been working for nearly a year to beautify the areas surrounding the Quechee Covered Bridge, in conjunction with the Pocket Park improvement project.
The beautification project is spearheaded by the Friends of Quechee Covered Bridge (FQCB).   Thanks to the financial support of Taurus Investment Holdings LLC / Quechee Lakes Resorts Limited Partnership (the developer of Quechee Lakes properties), the Quechee Garden Club, Simon Pearce and many of you, the landscaping of areas around the bridge is becoming a reality and is being totally funded by donations.  Chippers, hired as the contractor for the project, has basically completed its initial landscaping work on the sloped area facing the bridge and has installed window boxes on the bridge and planters near the bridge entrances. This is the first of several areas near the bridge that FQCB hopes will be beautified over time.
The FQCB group has been working closely with Town managers since last summer.  Leo Pullar, our Town Manager, and his team have been very receptive and enthusiastic in supporting the effort.  The FQCB project is separate from and is intended to complement the Town’s Pocket-Park next to Simon Pearce. Work on the Town’s Pocket Park has already begun and is expected to take about two months to complete.
The FQCB organizers encourage you to share this information with your friends and associates who might be interested in supporting this FQCB village beautification effort. The group anticipates sufficient resources to ensure continuing maintenance of the improved areas and expand the effort to other areas in our community.
Your Community Affairs Committee urges you assist the FQCB with this wonderful village project by contacting and one of the organizers Dave Duval, Derek Cosentino, Kathy Hickey, Michael & Phyllis Shankman or Ted York will respond. Thank you!
Norman Watts, Chair