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Lake Pinneo Infestation Solution

QLLA’s Community Affairs Committee hosted three area Vermont legislators for a briefing on the Milfoil infestation of our Lake Pinneo. Senators Dick McCormack, Alice Nitka and Alison Clarkson joined QLLA officials, Craig Allsopp, president, Norman Watts, BOT member and committee chair, Sean McLaren, general manager and other committee members in the Clubhouse Board Room. Ken Lallier, QLLA property manager, led the briefing and a golf-cart tour of the lake. He is responsible for ultimate remediation of the Lake Pinneo infestation.
            QLLA leadership and members are concerned that the infestation not engulf the entire lake, limiting its value as a recreation facility and nature preserve. Lallier proposed a chemical solution rather than the ineffective manual removal of the plants.  The chemical, known as “Sonar,” has succeeded against the plants in other geographic regions without any damage to the environment or wildlife.
            The difficulty is Vermont’s unique sensitivity to use herbicides to ameliorate infestations.  The QLLA lake is different from the northern Vermont lake that caused the permit stall, Lake Iroquois in Williston. That lake is very populous and is a source of drinking water – unlike Lake Pinneo.
            The legislators were previously aware of the infestation and actively engaged in the discussion. They promised to contact the permitting agency – not to pressure the decision-makers but to apprize them of their interest and the differences between the involved bodies of water. After the meeting, there were meaningful discussions between the legislators and state officials.
            Lallier will work all winter on the permitting process, with the legislators and the state agency officials. He is “fairly confident” the state will grant the QLLA permit request next spring.
            The committee will also continue to monitor the process and report to our members on progress.
            Norman Watts, Committee Chair

Division I Quechee Collegiate Challenge

September 23rd marked the start of the 4th Annual Division I Quechee Collegiate Challenge. With an exciting first day Harvard and Cornell lead the way posting 285’s. Followed by Princeton with a 289, Central Connecticut with a 290, Bucknell with a 293, Drexel with a 294, Dartmouth coming in at 296, Fordham posted a 299. Low rounds on Saturday consisted of (3) -2 70’s from Harvard’s G. Royston and R. Rhee as well as Central Connecticut’s J. Tucker. Followed up by (10) -1 71’s.  
Sunday produced some phenomenal rounds. Drexel caught fire and posted (2) 67’s from their only Seniors, A. Giantsopoulos (143) and A. Fricke (142). Fricke went -6 through 19 holes to win the low tournament medal in a play-off with E. Quinn who shot 71, 71 for a -2 (142). Drexel’s underclassmen were able to back up their seniors firing a -2 70 from A. Mistretta and an even par 72 to finish with a Sunday team score of -12 (276) and an overall -6 (570) to edge Princeton’s -5 (571).

Q3 President's Update

I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I can’t believe the season is coming to a close so quickly. It has been great to see the parking lot full on weekends and so many members enjoying themselves at the pool, playing golf and tennis, or having a nice meal on the deck.
Following is a brief recap of Club business as we mark the end of the third quarter of FY 2017.
Financial Performance: Higher than expected summer labor costs have put pressure on results. Year to date QLLA is fine - we actually are ahead of budget by $121,000. But with payroll counting for 50% of costs, monitoring is important. Management and the Finance Committee are on top of the situation and making adjustments as necessary. In the meantime, work proceeds on the 2018 budget, which will be considered at the September BOT meeting.
Board Activity:  Following the annual meeting, we devoted our July and August Trustee meetings to planning for 2018. Our overall focus continues to be on “high impact” improvements to enhance the QLLA value proposition and fine-tune the member experience.
Among the initiatives under discussion:
Future Capital Projects. Potential investments for FY 2018 include upgrades to the Base Lodge, expansion of the trail network and improvements to the 1st tee area of the golf course. The Facilities Planning Committee also plans to look at how we might improve parking near the Clubhouse and begin an assessment of how to make better use of the Red Barn.
Fresh Blood (on committees that is.) QLLA is lucky to have dozens of willing volunteers to serve on our committees. But we always like to get new people involved to bring new thinking to the advisory process. So if you want to turn your ideas into action please reach out to one of the committee chairs (contact info is on the web site) for more information.

Member Privacy and Computer Security. Both came up during the annual meeting in July. Since then several members who are IT professionals volunteered to join a sub-committee to help update and establish Club IT policies and procedures. Thanks to Jamie Roser, Kevin Roden and Patrick Martin for taking on this important work.

Property Auction. As many of you know the Club held a foreclosure auction at the end of July. The developer purchased one of the homes and QLLA took possession of the other properties, including five condos, a house and a building lot. The Board is in the process of evaluating the sales prospects for each with a goal of turning these non-performing assets into dues paying memberships. Nothing will happen right away – it takes about 60 days for the courts to certify the results of the auction process.
But if you are in the market …

Real Estate. So far this year there have been 75 property transfers vs. 58 for the same period last year. I consider that a good sign and validation of what real estate agents are saying about property values and sales activity. I also recently met with the CEO of Taurus, the developer building new homes in Quechee. He told me they will be launching a new web site soon to promote their Quechee product.

Saving the best ‘till last – look to your right at the blue stone patio the next time you drive by the Clubhouse. There’s a circle of chairs (Adirondack and rocking) around our new fire pit. I can tell you first hand it’s a great place to relax and share stories. So get your friends together, tell the staff you are coming and enjoy a warm fire and cold drink as the sun sets over Quechee. 

Best Regards,
Craig Allsopp


Quechee vs. Woodstock Challenge

The Woodstock vs. Quechee Challenge on Saturday, August 5th was a big success! Quechee won 5-2 with Jeff Bill and Bob Hickey leading the way. Other wins were DU Becker/Carrie Cardiff, Karen & Rod Hartley, John Duff/Carolyn White. With the clincher handled by Wayne Kuhn and Rick McLaughlin. 

Thank you to the members who came to spectate and show their support for the home team. 


A Record Breaking Year for the CHaD Gala

Thank you Quechee Community… You helped us reach a record high
donation for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth!

On June 12, QLLA Charities, in partnership with the Quechee Club, hosted the annual CHaD Classic Golf Tournament. The weather was perfect, the golf courses were beautiful and the golfers were happy.  The tournament culminated in a delicious dinner, silent auction and awards ceremony.

On July 29, QLLA Charities, again in partnership with the Quechee Club, hosted the annual CHaD Gala. Our guests put on their dancing shoes to enjoy a dinner dance featuring the Brooks Hubbard Band and a wonderful Dinner prepared by Chef Bradshaw and his staff. Included in the night’s festivities was a spectacular silent auction and an entertaining live auction hosted by Jamie Polli of Burlington, VT.  An important part of the Gala was the introduction of “The Tree of Hope” which was patterned after the Tree on the wall at CHaD.  CHaD children traced their hands and sent them to us to reproduce.  Generous visitors and guests filled the tree with purchased branches and hands.  All enjoyed the colorful Tree in the Lobby of the Clubhouse.

As a result of the success of these 2 events, we were able to present a check for a record $135,000 to CHaD, bringing QLLA Charities’ 33-year total to over $2.365 million!  The funds raised by these events will help support the Child Advocacy and Protection Program (CAPP) and build on the endowment we started twelve years ago.  CAPP is a program within  CHaD and helps some of the most vulnerable children in our region - those who are the victims of neglect or abuse.

This achievement would not be possible were it not for the truly wonderful Quechee Community who provide so much help and support through volunteering and generous giving.  Of course our staff and facilities are the best in New England and they come through for us every year.
For your 33 years of support, your caring and your generosity, we offer a million thanks!  No… make that 2.365 million!
The QLLA Charities Board
Gail Ferney, president
Diane Ames, secretary
Marty Whitney, treasurer
Sharin Luti, Chris Bunnell, Jason Whitney, Peggy Woods
and the CHaD Gala Committee – Jo Allsopp, Jeanette Veverka, Janet Thibeault, Martha Roiter, Linda Bradshaw, Karen Mazzarese, Muriel Steinberg, Phyllis Shankman, Debby Donahue, Julie Boulbol, Bambi Collector, Andrea Denhart,
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