Ski Quechee Update!

We have finally received some natural snow to help out the ski operations!  We picked up 8-10 inches throughout this past week and with a return to colder weather this weekend, the man-made snow will also start piling up.  For Friday, we will not be opening any of the inner trails as we want to make snow on Thursday and Friday night to take advantage of some great snowmaking weather in the forecast.  We will open Dewey’s Drop and the Plateau on Saturday and be working to expand the open terrain further for next weekend.  Meanwhile, all of the powder fields on both sides of the mountain will be open and available for enjoyment!
We are hopeful that our T-bar will be up and running by at latest Saturday and hopefully Friday afternoon.  We had to have the main drive belt that runs the lift custom manufactured since there were no replacement belts available in the country or Europe for that matter!  Once we determine if the custom belt will work, we will have a couple of back-up belts produced to reduce future downtime in the event of another belt failure.  Ah…. the challenges of working with older equipment, never end!
The Quechee race team will be hosting a race on Saturday on the Face and the skiing should be great this weekend as long as you dress warmly.  The sun will be shining and there is plenty of new snow to play with, what could be better? 
The new snow also has jump started our Cross Country skiing operations with double tracks set on the golf courses, along with a skate lane and single tracks in the Section 5 Wilderness area.  Our sledding hill has been groomed and the skating rink cleared and re-surfaced for the weekend. 

It is shaping up to be an outstanding winter weekend here it Quechee!