COVID-19 Precautions and Considerations

Junior Tennis Camps

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are certain guidelines that we are following in an attempt to protect our membership & staff whenever & wherever we can. 

With our Junior Programming, we are taking the following steps in a continued effort of keeping our membership safe. 

Overall Camp Standards: 
  • Lower Camper/Instructor Ratios: In an attempt to maintain social distancing norms, we have lowered our ratio of campers and instructors to a 4:1 ratio. This will allow our camp participants to also have more dedicated time from our instructors. 
  • Campers will have the same instructor throughout the week. 
  • Break Time: During the break in camp, instead of having the whole camp take break at the same time, we will have smaller groups taking break at different times. 
  • Common Touch Points: Instructors will handle the picking up of tennis balls themselves with, if needed, the campers will pick up the balls with a hopper that has been properly sanitized. 
  • Masks: Instructors will wear masks whenever social distancing isn't permitted. They will also wear masks during those times not on the court. For campers, as we will be following social distancing guidelines on the courts, it is not necessary for campers to wear masks, on the court. We do ask that when arriving or departing the Pro Shop or courts that a mask is available & worn during those times. 
Additional Information:
  • COVID-19 Statement: It is required that a parent sign the COVID-19 Condition sheet (similar to the sheets used by other activities/amenities). The signing of this sheet is required just once a week, per each week that young members are attending camp. 
  • As the Pro Shop is only open for use of the bathrooms, and to observe social distancing standards, this year we will have our campers wait in areas on the deck or in the grass where an instructor will be present. 
  • Also, as a precaution, the water fountains on site are not installed this year. Please make sure that your camper brings their own water.