Our Mission


To possess a passion for the hospitality industry and provide stellar service to our members and guests while maintaining a professional, courteous and friendly disposition.

To offer unconditional support to Club Management and fellow employees in meeting their goals to preserve the integrity of The Club as Vermont's Premier Four-Season Recreational Club, all while striving to improve and expand its amenities.

To respect all Club property in a safe, honest and financially prudent manner, preserving it for generations to come.



To provide the members with a quality four season community sensitive to the
natural beauty of the valley.


  • Develop and enhance the sense of community and fellowship among our new members.

  • Preserve the natural beauty, rural character and setting of the valley.

  • Develop, operate and maintain a broad range of four-season amenities and activities for the benefit of our members and guests.

  • Recognize and respond to the diversity of our membership as policies are established and implemented.

  • Constantly improve the quality of all aspects of the Association’s performance.

  • Be a constructive and contributing member of our village, Town and State community.

  • Preserve and enhance all of the assets of the Association and its members.

  • Manage the Association to maximize its value to its members.

  • Provide the Association’s staff with challenging jobs, quality training, competitive compensation and opportunities for personal growth in a professional environment.

January 1993