The Section 5 Wilderness Trails system is located northeast of Quechee Main Street. These year-round trails are suitable for all ages, and includes a special Dog Loop trail for your four-legged companion. In the wintertime, the trails are groomed for cross country skiing.


The primary access point is Trailhead A, off of Bentley Road. To reach Trailhead A, turn onto Willard Road from Quechee Main Street. Travel up the hill to Bentley Road and turn right. Follow signs to Trailhead A.

Another access point is Trailhead B, off of Safford Road. Turn onto Willard Road from Quechee Main Street. Continue up Willard to Safford Road and turn right. Follow signs to Trailhead B.

Please note that there is parking available and maps are located in the mailbox at each trailhead.


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Recommended Wilderness Routes

 ●   Easiest Terrain
 ■  More difficult terrain
▲  Most Difficult Terrain
Name Difficulty Park-Stations to Follow KM Miles
Tenderfoot  ● A-2-14-13-3-2-A 1.9 1.2
Leatherfoot A-4-5-12-11-9-Loop 9/9-11-12-6-A 6.8 4.2
Farmstead A-2-14-15-Loop 15/15-14-2-A 3.9 2.4
Ledges  ■ A-4-5-12-13-3-A 4.0 2.5
Homestead  ■ A-4-6-7-11-12-5-4-A 4.2 2.6
Pond A-4-6-7-8-10-11-12-6-A 5.3 3.3
Moose  ● B-7-11-10-8-B 1.9 1.2
River Road  ■ B-7-11-10-9-Loop 9/9-10-8-B 4.3 2.6
Barron  ● B-7-6-12-11-7-B 2.6 1.6
Stonewall  ■ B-8-10-11-12-13-3-4-6-7-B 4.2 2.6
Pioneer B-7-6-3-13-15-Loop 15/15-13-3-4-6-7-B 5.4 3.4
Explorer B-8-10-11-7-6-4-3-13-12-11-7-B 5.25 3.3

Points of Interest

Point    GPS Coordinates    Point of Interest
A 40.608 25.067 Wetlands
B 40.576 24.023 Large white pine
C 40.646 24..894 Stream to White River from wetlands (a). Numerous small waterfalls
D 40.714 24.815 Basswood tree
E 40.807 24.775 Typical stonewall. Property boundary.
F 40.952 24.843 Microhabitat on top of large rock
G 40.977 24.845 Stand of large white birch
H 41.079 24.932 Spring fed pond. Does not dry up during the summer.
I 41.114 24.923 Stand of Red Oaks
J 41.309 24.759 Large white pine blow down. Many in this area due to a microburst.
K 41.264 24.651 Metamorphic sedimentary ledges
L 40.826 24.769 Sugar maples
M 41.228 24.875 Hemlock stand. White tail deer wintering habitat.